About the Employment Act 1955
is only applicable to
pinensula Malaysia while Sabah
and Sarawak have their own laws
eg Sabah Labour Ordinance and
Sarawak Labour Ordinance.
First Schedule
the EA covers two categories
of workers:
(1) manual workers.
(2) Non-manual workers.
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Working hours
(1) Employees shall not be required
to work more than 8 hours per days;
(2) more than 45 hours per week.

Sick Leave
Sick leave entitlement:
Employment 1 to 2 years:
14 days with pay;
3 to 5 years, 18 days;
Above 5 years, 22 days.
Annual Leave
Annual leave entitlement:
Employment 1 to 2 years:
8 days with pay;
3 to 5 years, 12 days;
Above 5 years, 16 days.
Public Holidays
11 days per year,
5 of which are compulsory,
others 6 days are to be appointed
with agreement both employer
and employee.

Maternity Protection
All female employees,
irrespective of the amount of
wages they draw are eligible......
Deduction of wages
(1) Employers have the lawful right to deduct;
(2) Deduction requested by the employees;
(3) Deductions will appoval by the
Director General of Labour.
Pay Slips
Employers are required to provide
payslips to employees showing details
of their earnings.

Constructive Dismissal
What a former Malaysian
Lord Present said about constructive
Domestic Inquiry-misconduct
Prodedure required to conduct
an inquiry into a worker's misconduct.
Notice Period
1 to 2 years of employment: 4 weeks;
3 to 5 years employment:6 weeks;
Above 5 years: 8 weeks.

Children and Young Persons
Child: means one who is below 15
years of age;
Young Person means 15 but
below 18.
Minimum Wage
City Council areas: RM1200;
Town Council area: RM1100.
Minimum Retirement Age
Upon attaining 60 years of age.

Contract deemed broken
(1) Employer fails to pay wages
by due date
(2) Employee absent from work for
more than two consecutive days.
Termination and Layoff Benefits
About what compensation an employee
will get in the event of
termination of service.
Overtime limit
Overtime limit is 104 hours per month.

Rest Day
Every employee shall be entitled to
at least one rest day per week.
Work on rest day
Regarding extra wages a worker
should be paid for working on rest day.
Unfair dismissal & reinstatement
In the event of an unfair
dismissal, the employee can
claim for reinstatement back
to his former job.

The Employment Act has no provision
requiring employees to undergo p
a period of probation, but why?....
Part-time employees
Regarding working hours and about
benefit they are entitled to
for working part time.
History of Labour Court
A brief story of the
of the "labour court".

Employees can file complaint against
their employer who failed to pay wages,
indemnity in lieu of notice, overtime wages
as well as other matters.
Employment Regulations
Regarding types of records employers
must keep.
Paternity Leave
The father can take a few days leave
to help to take care of the new born.

Industrial Relations Act 1967
To help to resolve disputes between
employers and employees.
Industrial Relations Department
Contact numbers of
Industrial Relations Department
Jabatan Tenaga Kerja
Contact numbers of Labour Departments.

Employment Act 1955

Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits)Regulations

Employment Regulations.

Children and Young Persons Act

Industrial Relations Act 1967

Trade Unions Act.